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--  Perform mould
Products Name:48 cavity Perform mould
Products Description:

Mould cavity:48cavity

Raw material: PET

Cavity&core: S136  HRC:48-52

Water plate: H13 stainless steel  , Can`t block the cooling water way.

heat plate2316,HRC:42--45   when heating ,the plate not easy deformed.      

Heating ring ROTFIL from Italy    

cooling systemcore cooling directly . add water chiller can help cooling time short.

Drop mouldcenter tripper drop mould.backward injection plate by screw need M16

Hot runner controller:53zone with PID

Locating ring: 160MM

Injection Nozzle angle: R19

Water nozzle: STAUBLI water nozzle

Cycle time22 Second.

Spare partscore and cavity 2 set

            Heater and nozzle :2 set

            Temperature meter :3set

            Eject pin:10pcs

            Seal: several

            Water nozzle: several

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