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What main features of PET?

Perfectly balanced hotrunners ensure uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities. The design of the melt channels minimizes shear and pressure loss, and provides a uniform flow to all cavities. Optimized heat distribution results in consistent AA levels across all cavities. Systems Division We have long-standing experience, in manufacturing and designing hot nozzle systems.All systems are externally heated and devised according to client’s specifications as regards materials, final weight and production requirements, such as color changes. Automotive Hotrunner Standard components offer quick-connect assembly Sealed for ultra injection pressure Replaceable heaters and thermocouples provide precision temperature control Turn-key systems are available with pre-wired electrical connector box Optional air or oil connections, pre-tested and operation ready Packaging Hotrunner Quick access to all gates, tips and heaters. Reduced maintenance cost. Naturally balanced melt flow for even filling in high cavitation hotrunners Uniform temperature for homogeneous melt and high quality part surfaces Individual tip control for crisp clean gates Highly efficient cooling access for shorter cycle time Optimized melt bores for quick color change Molybdenum alloy tip inserts for wear resistance Compact components for mold strength Various questions have to be answered when deciding in favor of a particular hot nozzle system. These entail not only the choice of material or gate, but also fundamental issues, such as whether an internally or externally heated system should be preferred, what balancing is needed (natural or rheological) and whether needle closing systems are better than open nozzles. A well-constructed hot runner system directs the molten matter from the machine nozzle regularly across the gate points without impairing the material’s properties bottles can be refilled and reused. PET contains no toxic substances. When burned, it produces carbon dioxide gas and water, leaving no toxic residues.

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